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Amity Wellness Detox Retreat – Thailand

Welcome to the best Detox & Health Retreat and Wellness Resort in Phuket, Thailand.
Come here to refresh from your schedule and have a break from the busy life. You can refresh your body and energy levels by being in the Detox Retreat in Thailand.

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Educational talks about Health – Demonstration on Raw Food and other Wellness Activities
We have all of these as a part of our Detox Thailand Wellness Programs
With the comprehensive schedule we have for all the wellness activities, there are also educational talks and demonstrations of raw food that help in achieving the highest levels of body cleansing, thereby cleansing the mind.
With the knowledge and tools that an individual gains at the Amity Wellness educational health talks, they can make significant progress by leveraging on the amazing detox protocols, strategies for wellness, recipes for healthy food and an overall strategy to take good care of your health.
The activities at Amity Wellness Health change on a weekly basis. If you wish to know more about the activity schedule, please refer to the additional information available.

Detox in Thailand
When you visit Amity Wellness Retreat in Thailand, you get to be a part of a physical, mental and emotional evolution, where you have a life-changing experience altogether and you will start enjoying every moment of your life to the maximum extent.
We have a bunch of professionals that will help you with the detox plan you have to follow, while being warm and adaptive to your tastes, thereby ensuring that you succeed in your journey to wellness irrespective of what the condition is.
There are detox and cleansing programs available in Thailand, that you can pick based on a daily schedule, done with an intent to have the deepest cleansing levels in your body and take care of all the elements for detox in Thailand, Koh PHnagan. It also offers personalized care and attention.

Cleansing of Colon
We have twice a day of colon cleansing in our wellness program, where Ozone is infused with alkalized water so that the toxic substances get flushed from the colon directly.
Colon cleansing has been in practice since thousands of years now and it has resulted in better levels of absorption of nutrients, energy, circulation and detoxification of liver, thereby helping the overall physical health and mood of an individual.

Health Spa in Thailand

Come visit our health spa that offers complimentary daily massage when you sign up for our wellness program, as we want to make sure that you are relieved of your stress and tension.
We ensure that you have a transformation of both your mental and physical self by making use of massages, body wraps, cleaning of cellulite and organic facials. All of these are done in a bid to ensure that you relax and bounce back after your Thailand vacation.

Location of Amity Wellness
Spread over 11 well-kept bathrooms, Amity Wellness is a boutique resort and is in the close vicinity of the best beaches in Phuket, while allowing daily shuttle from the hotel.

Amity Wellness Detox Thailand