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Detox Thailand


Undergoing detox through fasting is a very substantial decision for anyone used to the decadent foods and polluted environment of city life. It is literally a transformative journey that Atsumi promises to make less painful and in the end a satisfying experience. You are invited to change your life—mind, body and spirit after which, you will be able to totally enjoy everything else Phuket has to offer.

Peaceful Environment
Relaxation and healing begins when one is immersed in a peaceful, tranquil environment with enough space and privacy, preferably in a paradise-like garden setting totally away from the toxic urban jungle we are all used to. It’s part of Atsumi’s detox and cleansing program that includes professional service and attention from trained staff; and while the location is close to the otherwise celebratory aspect of the island, the environment is far from it. Atsumi guarantees a quiet environment free from traffic noise and parties, un-natural smells from cigarettes and perfumes and gastronomically tempting cooking smells. The idea of fasting and cleansing may be an unbearable prospect for some but Atsumi’s well-trained professional counselors and managers can make it a positive and enjoyable experience.

Atsumi limits the number of guests to ensure its clients have enough space and privacy. Being away from noise and crowds is important for relaxation and it also ensures that all guests can take advantage of Atsumi’s facilities which include a gym and fitness center and swimming pools to keep the body in shape; a spa and massage center, a yoga sala and steam sauna to relax it; dedicated Colema rooms and beach transfer.

Revitalization Programs
Clients come to the Atsumi Healing Retreat for many reasons. Some seek to simply lose weight and relax at the same time, while others come to cleanse and detoxify themselves of accumulated toxins from noise, air pollution and fast food. Everyone else come to relieve relax and relieve stress within the resort’s peaceful confines, so it’s not all about the dreaded prospect of fasting, it’s all about revitalizing the mind and body. Atsumi has several programs designed to assist its clients of their specific goals.

There are five programs offered by the resort which include a total detox program that involves fasting, raw food and juicing. The Fasting and Detox program makes use of 100 percent natural and organic herbs and cleansing drinks which are also 100 percent proven safe and effective in removing the body’s accumulated toxins. There are also fitness and relaxation programs that include yoga sessions, meditation, spa and massage treatments. And then there is Atsumi’s 3Rs Retreat Program that caters to everyone.

Atsumi’s aim is to provide its clients relaxation, stress-relief, fitness, replenishment and spiritual renewal. Atsumi has a well-trained and friendly professional staff to properly guide even the most hesitant client when it comes to diet change and exercise, and give lessons on meditation and relaxation that clients can take with them to continue their transformation outside of Phuket, or they can always come back to Atsumi’s open arms.

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