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Iboga Retreats In Costa Rica


Our Ibogaine Retreat provides healing factors of magical spirits by offering sacred medicines. We use medicinal plants known as Iboga that will transform your life on many levels. You will be shown personal truths, truths regarding human nature, and discover the beauty that has been hidden for far too long deep inside. Our Ibogaine retreat is committed to sharing healing secrets because this is what our life’s work is all about.

Just What Iboga Is:

Iboga is a medicinal plant found in the jungles of Africa and is a very powerful medicinal tool for healing all different aspects of your life including addictions. After only one week of applying Iboga, you will discover a transformation that will continue over time. The Awaken Your Soul retreat in Costa Rica provides a perfect environment where you will connect with your own personal power and start developing the life you truly deserve. You will literally reconnect to your soul and that’s where the magic begins!

The Iboga plant will detoxify your mind, body, and soul. It unearths truths inside yourself to heal at the deepest levels of physical, emotional, mental, and begin a spiritual awakening. Some of Iboga’s amazing benefits include:

• Intense, lasting spiritual transformations
• Discover a wonderful sense of inner peace
• It will help you with addictions, depression, anxiety, PTSD, and other harmful factors by going
to the root of your pain and healing it.
• You will definitely reconnect with your soul or spirit.

Bwiti also called the Tree of Life is a spiritual regimen among the Babongo and Mitsogo people of Gabon and the Fang people of Cameron. This plant’s healing capabilities are endless and has been used by these people for thousands of years. It is believed their knowledge of Bwiti dates back further than anyone has ever recorded.

At the Awaken Your Soul retreat, we are dedicated to sharing the beauty, love, and ancient traditions of the sacred Tree of Life. We use the entire Iboga root, not the lower grade pharmaceutical variety. Ibogaine used by pharmaceuticals extract Iboga from the tree Tabernanthe Iboga but during their extraction process, it loses many of the important properties that are contained in pure Iboga.

At Awaken Your Soul retreat, we believe that Iboga, in its natural form, contains all its alkaloids, unlike lower grades that only have one of the 12 different alkaloids. I believe pure Iboga is the only way to use this powerful medicine for healing purposes. It offers important organic elements providing the essence of Iboga the way nature intended.

Detox Treatments With Ibogaine:

Iboga came to light when it surfaced from the African jungles in the 1960s and was referred to as Ibogaine.

Ibogaine is a very powerful extract from the Iboga root and has shown a great deal of potential for the treatment of various addictions including heroin, cocaine, alcohol, and crack. It has shown to have healing properties that are extremely effective in treating opiate addiction by targeting and alleviating the negative effects of opiate withdrawal.

Withdrawal for those who are dependent on these substances is a very painful, horrible experience. Ibogaine will ease the painful physical symptoms in order to get through drug withdrawals.

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