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Koh Phangan Holiday Villas

koh phangan holiday villas

Bay Villas- Koh Phangan Holiday Villas, Thailand

Welcome to the land of luxury: where hospitality and services are top notch and you get to relax in some of our hand-picked villas as per your travel dates, type of groups and other factors.

As a part of Bay Villas Koh Phangan, you would be in for a retreat with panoramic views of the ocean where you can immerse yourself in watching the beautiful sunset overlooking the Bay of Haad or Haad Tian, which is just a few minutes far from the sandy Haad Salad Beach that is towards the north0-west coast of Koh Phangan, making it one of the most preferred places to stay in Thailand.

More information on Koh Phangan Holiday Villas

Bay Residence Koh Phangan started operations back in 2008 with a villa development project, which gave rise to a concept known as ‘Bay Villa’. This was the brainchild of an award winning architect – Chapman Taylor and over a period of time, it became one of the most sought-after villas management and rental business that expanded all over Thailand.

The hospitality and services we offer to our guests are beyond the comforts of a luxury hotel and Bay Residence Koh Phangan strives to ensure that we offer the best quality of stay to all over clients.

The management committee has a rich experience of the five star hotel industry and we ensure that the services offered are of the highest level. Ever since you first reach out to us for your booking, followed by your stay, site management and till the time you check out from the villa, you will have a team of housekeepers and engineers who would take care of your and make your stay a highly pleasant one!

For further beautifying your stay, you can visit our spa, order breakfast; rent vehicles delivered at your doorstep or also avail airport transfers to the Samui airport, making your stay a comfortable and enjoyable one.

The white sand dunes in Koh Phangan are magnificent, with stunning views of the pristine water, along with coconut groves surrounding the place. 70% of Koh Phangan is a park land and hence, it has a wonderful green cover.

Ever since Bay Residence started operations, we have expanded massively and have a number of villas as of today. As we have a diverse project team with global exposure, we came up with a new concept to ensure that the villa development projects in Koh Phangan being premier, the island will continue to grow without having any repercussions on the local environment.

An Overview

  • Bay Residence premier location offering sprawling views.
  • Also comprises of 3-4 luxury villas that have private infinity pools.
  • Chapman Taylor – prominent award winning architect.
  • Based on open-living in the common areas.
  • Highly protected security setting.

The scenic beaches make the island absolutely unique, yet untouched with crystal clear water in the background of a golden sun setting beyond the coconut groves. As Koh Phangan has a policy to have at least 70% of the area as national park land, the island has remain untouched and would not be able to grow either.

Koh Phangan Holiday Villas