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Serviced apartments Kathmandu

Started in 1980 in Thamel, Kathmandu, the International Guest House is a family run guest house which sported 13 well appointed rooms and is on the way to become one of the best hotels in Kathmandu.  We also offer Serviced apartments for daily, weekly or long term rentals.


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About Kathmandu 

The capital of Nepal, Kathmandu is a huge, sprawling metropolis that runs on a fast-paced, manic environment.  With enormous levels of traffic that somehow squeezes down narrow streets.  You will be greeted by the hustle and bustle of the masses on every street corner and lanes of packed cars.  You will become totally engulfed in this magnificent capital and gateway for tourists.


This animated city can cart you off to Everest Base Camp, go on an adventure in Pokora, or run off to the natural, peaceful surroundings of Chitwan National Park.  With such manic surroundings, it’s no wonder many seek refuge in the nearby mountain ranges, breathtaking scenery, and awaiting adventures.




Discovering Kathmandu:


When first arriving in Kathmandu, you should stop, take a deep breath, and get used to mayhem in order to discover all its charms.  There are so many adventures to be revealed to you beyond the tourist world of Thamel that seldom bother to discover.


When exploring Kathmandu, you will be magically transported back in time. Discover old, decadent architecture, some really odd structures that don beautifully detailed carved doorways and window frames.  Shop fronts that sit so low, you might just overlook the treasures within their walls.  Navigate narrow streets and find shops filled with amazing offerings or take a quiet stroll through quiet courtyards.


Navigate to local markets and open squares such as India Chowk or the ancient well-known Durbar Square.  If you worry that you might get turned around and lost, don’t just enjoy it!  You will get drawn into a vibrant lifestyle, a spray of colors, smells, and sounds.


Kathmandu is known for its religious sculptures made from stone, wood, and other materials.  They are scattered  throughout the city perched high atop buildings, many shop front doors, and within a huge array of temples, stupas, and shrines.


Beneath the frantic facade of Kathmandu, there is a life of utter simplicity in tea houses, snack shops, and street vendors calling out about their wares.  Visiting residential areas on the outskirts of time will give you a view of the natural lives of friendly locals that will greet you with great warmth.  Every day will be a new adventure engulfed in many surprises.


Kathmandu is an amazing blend of history, religion, culture, and an exotic atmosphere.  This city is a place that you will not forget anytime soon!


While Sporadically Wandering:


Visit Boudhanath, which is the holiest place in the entire country.  Take a trip to Pashupatinath Temple, it’s the oldest Hindu temple in Kathmandu or visit Swayambhu, known as the monkey temple.  This temple sits high up on a hill and you will find very few places that offer such a breathtaking view at sunset!


Pashupatinath Temple:


The Tibetan name for the temple is “Sublime Trees” due to the large variety of trees found on the hill.  By Buddhist Newars whose mythological history and religious practices, Swayambhu  is considered the most sacred among Buddhist.  For Tibetan Buddhism, it is the second only to Boudha.


Patan & Bhaktipur:


Take a trip and visit Kathmandu’s sister cities of Patan and Bhaktipur.  They are both a great deal smaller, less manic, and are just as gorgeous as they are interesting.  All three cities are under the umbrella of “Kathmandu Valley” and UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can easily gain access through local transportation from Kathmandu to your destination, which is an adventure unto itself!