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Who I am
I am a tantra instructor and coach. I am love and sexuality expert.

I help people to discover the real expanse of human existence!

I help my students to discover societal beliefs that prevent us from experiencing the fullness of life in total freedom. I lead my student into genuine investigations into what the general belief is about our sexual life, emotions, relationships and overall life ought to be and look like.

I create room for you where your obscurity and night movement no longer feel dishonorable but rather nurtures and enlightens you. I want to bring you into that state where your spiritual self and sexual self-becomes one and indivisible.

I help you with tools you need to grow and become free to express your sexuality. I am here to help you to remove all those masks covering your inner beauty and splendor and help you to be the best you can be.
I provide you a sacred and secure place to let go of all those masks and be who you are truly meant to be.

I have traveled to different parts of the globe to help people to discover the potential for the love they have embodied in their sexuality.

I developed the Priestess School-A school that provides thorough instruction to women who want to discover their deepest roles in life.
I manage yearly annual retreat on Sacred Feminine Immersion in Bali. This provides women with the opportunity to experience the divinity of their womanhood.
I am the founder of Yoni Yoga-online, author of 2 books and an initiator of online Tantra course.

Private Tantra Retreat

Tantric immersion retreat takes you through a 3-5 days spiritual journey into your sexuality with Sofia Sundari. It is a great opportunity for individuals who want deep one-to one coaching.
Our private retreats are usually conducted on a private cottage located in Bali or Ibiza, but if you are looking for alternative arrangements, we can help you to organize that too.
The retreats are also great for unmarried women or single women who have not partner or spouse.
• You are searching for true of your life that you will journey with to witness the sacred feelings of your true sexuality. You don’t want the experience to limit you and also are not willing to let shame hold you back.

• You want to experience deeper levels of sexual pleasure, intimacy, and relationship. Through the use of your sexual self as a power that enlarges and changes you into a better person till you have been able to get connected with your true essence.

• You desire to mend your life from the past ugly sexual experience you had to enable you to be free and be able to savor the sweetness that comes from being intimate in your relationships and enjoys profound interactions.

If this is you, you have come to the right place.

I am happy to help you savor the beauty, potent and virtuousness of your sexual self.

tantra coach ibiza & Bali