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The Environment:

The process of livestock farming is having a horrible effect on our planet. These farms produce the animal feed that is inefficient and wasteful. They take up a great deal of land, fertilizer, water, and other resources that could be used to feed people.

Many people who are taking note strongly believe that livestock farming is destroying natural lands by accelerating topsoil erosion and decreasing the productivity for the cultivation of crops. More and more open land is being converted for grazing and turned into farmland. This has also increased the level of pollution in ground water and rivers due to animal waste. Instead, people could use these lands for producing their own food and become vegans.

The Vegetarian Diet:

Changing to a vegetarian diet can be a great way to develop better health as these dishes are high in fiber, folic acid, vitamins C and E, magnesium, phytochemicals, and unsaturated fats. Most vegetarians experience lower cholesterol, lose weight, decrease their blood pressure, and reduce the risk of heart disease.

The Other Benefits Of Changing To A Vegetarian Diet:

Research has shown that changing to a vegetarian diet will improve one’s mood due to low levels of arachidic acid. Arachidic acid usually comes from animal-based foods and peanut oil and vegetarian diets are very low in this acid. Researchers have performed studies that have shown that eating less meat, fish, and poultry has improved people’s moods.

Vitamin B12 Deficiency In Vegans:

Other research has concluded that both vegetarians and vegans run the risk of developing vitamin B12 deficiencies. These studies have shown that the human body is not capable of receiving this vitamin from plant-based foods.

How To Change Over To A Vegan Lifestyle:

Most vegans were originally vegetarians who changed over to a vegan lifestyle, slowly. Most vegans agree that the best way to make this transition is doing it gradually, not all at once. Some people change over by finding replacement foods that taste and look like animal products to make the change more successful. There are others that literally just jump in and never look back.

In Conclusion:

Whether carnivore, vegetarian or vegan all sides have their firm beliefs involving animals, the environment, and health issues. Most research has shown that decreasing the consumption of saturated fats and red meat will deter health issues. Environmentalist will show how farmland is destroying the environment through pollution and destruction in ground minerals. Although vegans and vegetarians have their differences, in general, they believe that killing animals for food and using them to test products for people is unethical.