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Agama is the way those who decide to Choose Evolution.


We educate and we unite. We combine ancient spiritual beliefs with modern, existing times. We provide the best environment for genuine Yogic learning. A genuine spiritual university. A health and wellness resource. We provide today’s Yogi with the ideal environment to improve their practice while assimilating the authentic Yoga attributes.


We teach students to develop a clear mind and spiritual refinement, and as such furnishing the person with a better way of living. Giving help to students looking to live to their fullest potential, we offer the guide to the journey towards awakening. Since Agama agrees that every individual should be given the tools necessary to live life in accordance with the harmonious standards, even when not practicing Yoga.


Agama Life


We go further.


Everything is here. Swami Vivekananda Saraswati, AgamaYoga.TV, exclusive Yogic subjects, weekly satsangs, behind-the-scenes of Agama’s courses, retreats, workshops, and supplementary activities, Evolution Yogi Cafe, everyday life as a student at Agama.


Swami Vivekananda Saraswati, founder of Agama Yoga, popularly called “Swami” by his students, is an energetic and devoted tutor of the genuine lines of Tibetan and Indian Yoga, both of which are quickly becoming distinctly lost in our spiritual marketplace today.


Dig further into how Agama became recognized as a genuine spiritual school whose main standards are focused on breathing life into the true foundations of yoga.


Yogic-friendly accommodation, clothing, food, media, fun, and lots more. Everything you require is available here, through our unique system of Agama Affiliates.


Agama, On-Demand.


AgamaYoga.TV offers individuals a clear view into what life is like at the school. Here, you can partake in lessons on mysterious Yogic subjects, lots of courses, retreats, workshops, and extracurricular activities on Agama, or have a personal experience of life as a student at Agama.


Agama Community Events, Open to All.


Regardless of whether it’s happening daily, weekly, monthly or yearly, Agama hosts events that welcome the general public, and are designed to offer spiritual and Yogic-oriented support, insight, and fun.


The Agama Journal- a monthly drive that dives further into different subjects that usually comes to light while people are on Yoga retreat in and around the Koh Phangan school grounds in Thailand.


Agama is a prominent topic on a great deal of popular Yoga and social media platforms. Read all student and media review, and study the full list of Agama’s computerized profiles.


Different paths, same target


To become an Agama Yoga instructor is to be unique from others. In managing different paths, we meet you at your location and provide two alternatives: A 200-hour and 500-hour certificate


A Global Community of Agama Yogis


The Agama Global Network is a strong, international group of approved Agama Yoga Centers and dynamic global Yoga instructors who are approved to instruct on the Agama Yoga program.


Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurant in Koh Phangan, Thailand.


Evolution Yogi Cafe is the complete Agama vegetarian spot for people who want to incorporate healthy and conscious dieting into their daily activity.


Plan your full Yoga retreat and Yoga Teacher Training to Koh Phangan, Thailand.

Yoga retreat Thailand