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Seasonal Yoga flow is a specific pattern of active Yoga practice which is intended to put you in touch with the alternating energies of the seasons and nature. This practice is an activity that enhances bodily strength and adaptability and introduces stability and coordination into your life. In 1995, Julie Hanson and Sue Woodd came up with this particular idea as a cure to the anxiety and pressure of present day life. It consolidates Chi Kung, Yoga, Tai Chi, and a modern insight regarding body coordination, with ideas on Traditional Chinese Medicine regarding the alternating nature of the seasons we experience within and around us.

A yoga studio in Pollokshields, Glasgow, Seasonal Yoga Academy has a selection of highly qualified instructors and a spirit of belonging which will make you feel at home on your first visit, or your 100th class! We are ready at any time during the seasons of the year and your life to support you in any way possible, by uniting individuals of any age, capabilities and goals, to nurture both the body and spirit.
The Seasonal academy holds numerous kinds of yoga classes and seminars, from comprehensive amateur classes to advanced teacher instructional classes.

International Yoga Teacher Training Courses
We are exceptionally pleased to have the capacity to offer year-round SEASONAL YOGA TEACHER TRAINING courses in a few urban areas all over Europe.
Our primary Academy is located in Glasgow, and there we offer 200 and 300 hour courses. The 200-hour course begins two times every year in January and May, while the 300-hour course starts in January.
Our training center in London is located in Cobham in Surrey, south of London. We will begin our 200-hour course there in March.
The 200-hour course starts at our Liverpool center in January, Germany in October, Finland in September, and Spain will begin in year 2017.

At Seasonal Yoga, we understand that we belong to the local society and we aim to be a positive influence on the community. We are exceptionally appreciative for whatever we get, thus we give back to the community by holding free weekly classes, philanthropy workshops, volunteering groups, group activities in schools and so on. In the event that you are fascinated by our activities wish to become a part of us in a small or big way, or you need our support for your project, please reach out to us. We would be thrilled to hear from you.

Join the Seasonal Yoga Teacher Revolution!
Seasonal Yoga Teacher Training courses far exceed the standard criteria for a certified instructor training class. By applying years of experience, in addition to detailed organization of the course structure and training resources, we try to build a learning domain which is diverse, efficient, supportive and fun. Our courses are designed for those individuals who will like to teach Yoga, or individuals who might want to go further on their Yoga travel – for every participant it will be a time of personal development.

We have 2 levels of teacher training (200 and 300) to offer our participants, transformation courses, and training for individuals hoping to become a licensee and establish a Seasonal Yoga teacher training in their studio.

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