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Our goal is share the motivating lessons and techniques of yoga custom in a genuine manner. We interpret the traditional wisdom into modern language and practical tools so as to easily pass on its principles. Our trademarks include honesty and passion.

We give practical lessons that are learnt through painstaking studies and genuine practices. The Akasha Yoga Academy adopts an instructive methodology that demonstrates a striking combination of ancient wisdom and modern knowledge. You only get to learn the authentic practices of yoga in a devoted and pragmatic manner from genuinely qualified educators.

Yoga teacher training courses Thailand & Bali

We have various lessons on offer including, certified yoga instructor training classes as well as yoga intensives to meditation retreats, pranayama workshops and life mentoring classes. We view yoga as a holistic science, incorporating its practical techniques into an expansive understanding, including pranayama, asana, bandha, mudra, meditation, philosophy, anatomy, and psychology.

Yoga serves as a pathway towards happiness, wellbeing, and inner strength. The courses we offer are a solicitation to learn and practice yoga in a genuine manner, finding the deep connections between the mind, body, spirit and soul.

Space for Integral Evolution

The Akasha Yoga Academy is a certified and registered member of the global Yoga Alliance. The educational programs used for our Teacher Training Courses is endorsed by the Yoga Alliance, and the qualified educators are recognized members of the Experienced Registered Yoga Teachers (E-RYT-200 and 500).

The word Akasha means space, Yoga represents the spiritual union, while an Academy means a place where wisdom is transmitted.

Akasha is also a Sanskrit word which additionally implies radiance, often identified with the glow of the Spiritual Heart. During deep reflections the heart softens into a radiant space of genuine Existence, and breaks down in the powerful Mindfulness of chit-akasha. Akasha additionally alludes to Ether, the most advanced of the five traditional components, in addition to being identical to Aristotle’s Quintessence.

The Sanskrit expression Yoga implies to join together or to bond, and proposes the union amongst individual and universal awareness. The Taittiriya Upanishad (around 500 BC) contains a primary reference to the Yoga as an approach for spiritual Awakening.

An Academy is a learning or instructional group of professionals, researchers, and students focused on the advancement and passing on of knowledge. “Akademia” a Greek expression alludes to a consecrated place where Plato, an early philosopher (428–347 BC) transmitted his deep knowledge.


Yoga teacher training courses Thailand & Bali