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Yoga Thailand

Welcome to the Yoga Retreat in Thailand

We have unique Yoga retreats ranging from 3 to 14 days for detox, which includes raw, veggie, vegan diet! Includes Free Wi-Fi, Ashtanga Mysore and Hatha Yoga.

This resort is based in the North Western part of Koh Phangan in Thailand.

At a close proximity of Haad Salad beach, the Yoga Retreat is in the midst of the jungle and it provides an excellent environment for practicing a wonderful life and eventually leading to a better lifestyle.

Our belief is that self healing helps students and they can be their own guides. We intend to provide you with the tools that you would need for deepening your personal awareness. Irrespective of whether you are a professional yoga teacher or a beginner, the Yoga Retreat will be highly recommended for you as it offers a wonderful relaxing tropical holiday. Here, you will be able to listen to your body at a better level and you will set yourself on the path of individual transformation. With the tools we teach, you can have a positive transformation in your life due to yoga, detox, pranayama, meditation and chanting.

The owners of this Yoga Retreat: Teresa and Kes Kennard operate a family-run business in Thailand starting from 2000. Owing to their love towards yoga and dance, they aim to create a balanced yet realistic approach that will help them in transforming everybody’s lives for the better.


Yoga Retreats

Come up with your own Yoga Package!
We have different Yoga packages with the basic one comprising of Ashtanga yoga once a day, chanting, pranayama, philosophy and breathing techniques.

You can stay for a minimum of 6 days and up to 30 days.

Ashtanga Yoga Retreats
We have courses ranging from 6 days to 30 days and it comprises of practice of basic yoga, philosophy, postures etc.
30 Days Ashtanga Yoga
You can indulge in a 30-days experience in the traditional yoga package that is available and it sets you on the right path of transformation.

Detox/fasting Thailand
This program allows you to cleanse your body and you can rejuvenate it entirely, thereby building your immunity and keeping illnesses at bay.

What does Detox mean?
Your body never gets a chance to cleanse itself. Hence, it is an excellent way to have your digestive system focus more on cleansing itself and repairing the vital systems of your body, as it helps you to live a better quality of life. You will be in a state of physical, emotional and mental wellbeing where your sense are in better coordination and you feel more lively.

Detox preparation in Thailand
You can start the preparation for detox in Thailand by cleansing your body. The best method is to cap the serving of your meals before you start with detox. It is recommended that you cut down on high fat and sugary foods. Also, avoid alcohol, coffee and all other types of stimulants from your diet and continue eating more greens and other vegetables.

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